Photographer / Entrepreneur / Storyteller

Yasmin Nguyen

Beauty is all around us, in so many forms.  Whether it is the plate of food in front of us, a conversation with someone, or the ocean crashing into the rocks.  We simply have to take a moment to be fully present to notice this beauty.
As an entrepreneur for more than 17 years, I use to fall into the trap of working, working, working.  I was so fixated on the what happened yesterday and  what’s to come tomorrow instead of being present in the moment.
About a year ago, on the verge of burnout, I decided to take the day off on a Wednesday and drive out to the coast.  What happened next was just magical.  I discovered the incredible beauty of the ocean that was just an hour away.
Since, I have made more than 40 day trips and some night ones to the coast to capture this beauty using my phone and Instrgram.  What you see on this site are those precious moments of joy I experienced on the coast.  This is my passion project. This is my way of practicing retirement now.